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Bridging Gaps To Empower Underserved Communities

LEAF is a 501(c)(3) education nonprofit bridging the leadership, education, and resource gap for college students from underserved communities.

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About us

We curate a holistic program helping students navigate their college career with a focus on four key pillars:

Academic Planning
Professional Development
Mental & Physical Health
Social Acclimation
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Peer Mentorship

Apply to be a mentor or mentee!

This program pairs underclassmen students to upperclassmen mentors to help navigate academic success.

Interested in applying?
Email for more info.

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Professional Network

Are you a working professional or graduate student?

Share your tips on career exploration, mental health, resume & interview prep, and more to young students navigating their college career. 

Email for more info.

mentee memories

From social bonding to academic support, we pride ourselves on fostering impactful experiences for students.

Testimonial Title

“My mentor created a safe space and always shared their personal experiences and allowed me to share my own! It made me feel comfortable around them!”

Mentee, Global Studies Major

Class of '25
Testimonial Title
“She supported my decision to go to therapy and advised me when I struggled with my class schedule.”

Mentee, Sociology Major

Class of '25
Testimonial Title

“I feel very comfortable asking my mentor about literally anything related to academics. This mentorship has been a support system where I feel comfortable expressing my worries in terms of academics, where I can actually get meaningful advice…”

Mentee, Pre-Psychobiology Major

Class of '26
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